Why did I ditch Wordpress for my Blog as a Programmer

January 14, 2019


It was a great transition and I hope this will help me to build better products in near future.

No Wordpress then What ?

I decided to go with static website generator named Gatsby there are many but Gatsby is completly based upon React JS. I have been React.JS and React Native Developer so it was for me to get started. If you are familiar with Golang then you with Hugo and there are many more you may select according to your skills performance of all of them are nearly same after all the convert you content to static website.

Why Static Website Generator ?

  • As these tools create static html website from your content so you get amazing speed and it matters a lot to retain users.
  • Security is very important and as a blogger you can't waste your valuable time by applying plugin on wordpress website to make it harder and harder to secure it and you have to install a new version of wordpress every week to stay safe.
  • In static website generator all content I create is in Markdown file and most of the time programmer are habitual of writing Markdown files (.Readme file on github repositories) so it is easy for me write content.
  • I write my blog then push it on git which is configure on my server (Digital Ocean) and then my website get updated automatically (I will write post in future about this one don't worry about it for time being).

Why not Static Website Generator ?

  • If your website contains ecommerce and tough functionalities which are tough to implement in static website genreator then you must not switch to Static website generators.
  • If you are not good at Markdown and not familiar with Git and not willing to learn these then you must not switch to Static website generators.
  • To develop a website and post a blog you need a bit of programming knowledge so if you are not good at it and have no near future plan to learn it then you must not switch to static website genertors.

Views expressed above are from my personal experience you may like the idea of static website generators or not.

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Written by Sanjeev Kumar

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