Listening to changes in Directory using Node.js

In my implementation I used it with react.js, redux in an electron.js project. What I did here is that whenever a change is made in particular path it will dispatch a redux event which can be listened by other components registered to listen.

Making a Pet Finder App Using Flutter (Part 1)

Today I am to start my journey as a developer who open sources his code and blog every step taken.From today I am to develop applications that will be helpful for every other learner like me.I am new to Flutter But I like the way it works and make the developers’ life easy.

Sending Email attachments with percentage progress bar using NodeMailer

In my recent project I have to send email with heavy images. But you know heavy full HD images takes time to get attached to email. So it is better to show progress bar during this for the sake of better user experience.So I implemented solution for this one I hope this will be helpful for you as well.

Showing Subtitles/Lyrics on Android Exoplayer

Most of time we implement functionality when we badly requires it.It happens with the most of us. Last Sunday When I was working on the one of my pet project I come with a new idea to show subtitle as the audio plays.

The best software for rar/zip extraction and compression on Mac systems

I tried many software to extract and compress the data. On Mac when rar or zip is password protected then the most of the well known software are not able to extract it.

Creating wordpress Rest Api without Using Any Plugin

One thing interesting about Wordpress is that it is easy to use and you can create any good looking website in with 1 hr. But If you want to create mobile application for same website then you have to install official WP-REST-API plugin