Making a Pet Finder App Using Flutter (Part 1)

Today I am to start my journey as a developer who open sources his code and blog every step taken.From today I am to develop applications that will be helpful for every other learner like me.I am new to Flutter But I like the way it works and make the developers’ life easy.

Application that I am going to create is “Pet Finder” and Idea comes from the other blog I read where Pol Kuijken describes his journey to Google as designer. He did an amazing thing by describing every step in detail.

So first I would recommend you to go through it (link below) and clap for this as you are going to learn how to make apps that get millions of downloads.


Prerequisites :

  1. You must have basic knowledge of Flutter and official documentation is the best place to get started.
  2. I assume that you have done step for Flutter and all tools which are mentioned on Flutter offlical documentation.

We are going to keep things simple and every part I am going to create a branch on Github repository so that you can move step by step easily.


As this is my first blog post and I have no prior experience but I would try to explain things in as much as details as possible.

Side by side I will tell you my journey from moving to Flutter from React Native. I will also going to discuss the point where Flutter make things easy and out run the React Native completely.

“ Most of the people will find designing in Flutter little bit difficult If you keep patience and get knack how it works then it is super easy and more productive than think”.

If you are also struggling to find knack then you must go through this amazing tutorial.


When I was working on React and React Native one thing that I liked the idea of Redux.Redux is a design pattern you can use with React.js, Angular(Using NgRx),React Native,Flutter and most of languages provides implementation for this.

Redux make things easy but It is sometimes difficult to understand it in the starting So I would recommend you to go through this video.


Even the video is for Angular Implementation but the creator puts light in the history and why we use redux in the best way possible.


If you got enough time and want to go more deeper then follow the link given below.


If you want to learn how to get started with Redux in Flutter then you must go with this link below


By flowing this I created a demo E-Commerce app which is quite good to review you you want to know how it works in Flutter.


I hope this is enough for today so sharpen your axes before I start coding in next part. Thanks for your time.

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Written by Sanjeev Kumar

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