As an Indian I can not earn money from Medium but still I love



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When wrote my first blog and was about to click on publish button they a down face arrow come into my notice and I clicked to explore it and at the last line it was having a line “Earn money from your story” and I was pretty excited to see that because it make you feel good if you are earning for your good work.

But my excitement was momentary as I proceed I found Medium only support payments using Stripe and even after 8 years of launching Stripe is not available in India(Second most populated country in World,even Google CEO comes from India),Stripe Owners, are you reading my story? It is just like a failure for you ?

It was obvious for me to get disheartened but I googled other option but it came with more bad news as Medium don't support any other ad network like Adsense as well.

As first impression of Medium was good as it is very simple to use and its editor is very powerful as compare to Wordpress and other blogging platform.

Second thing I like about is when you publish your content the User Interface and User Experience is also simply amazing that make user fond of it.Thanks Medium for that.

I don’t know How many more years Stipe is going to take to become available to India but I am going to try two strategies to create revenue for my content.

Create Youtube Videos

I am going to start my youtube channel and I will try do some coding stuff and record video. After recording I will try to write a post about that particular video as with Github links and other Information which can not be attached with videos. It sounds great because this is going to increase overall Web ranking of my post ,profile and Youtube channel.More views more revenue that what is what we all need.

Link Blog with Medium

Its sounds crazy but it is going to be very effective as an Indian I have no way to earn from Medium I am going to create Blog using Wordpress and going to post some good articles and get Adsense Approval. Now Ads will be on Website and I will create a post on Medium with title and 25% of content with link to redirect to my full post where Ads will be awaiting for users to come and generate revenue for me.

As a new blogger these are my personal way of implementation which I think are going to work but If you are having better Ideas than me then please comment below I would be pretty excited to know new ways to earn more thanks.

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Written by Sanjeev Kumar

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